Acclaimed thriller calls in at Waterside Theatre

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FOLLOWING its triumphant successes in the West End and around the world, the multi award-winning production of JB Priestley’s classic play An Inspector Calls comes to Aylesbury’s Waterside Theatre from March 20-24.

The play, which was written in 1945 and set in 1912, is a haunting and compelling thriller, generally considered to be Priestley’s finest work and a classic of 20th century literature, often appearing on the GCSE syllabus.

Unusually, its first performance was in 1945 in the Soviet Union, a year before its first performance in the UK, where it was hailed as a scathing critique of the hypocrisies of Victorian and Edwardian English society.

The peace of a respectable dinner party at the home of the prosperous Birling family is shattered by the arrival of the mysterious Inspector Goole and his announcement of the apparent suicide of a young working class woman.

Gradually it emerges that every member of the Birling family was, somehow, responsible for the girl’s exploitation, abandonment and ruin. As the conscience of each family member is pricked, so too is ours.

The true identity of Inspector Goole remains a mystery. Is he real, or a supernatural figure, a ‘ghoul’, whose final speech warning the family that they will have to learn their lessons the hard way, a foretaste of the horrors of the First World War?

This production is directed by Stephen Daldry, who won Oscars for his films, The Reader, The Hours and Billy Elliot, with an award-winning set that depicts the Birling home in a war-torn wasteland.

An Inspector Calls comes to the Waterside from March 20 to 24.

For tickets, price £10-£27, call in at the box office, visit or phone 0844 871 7607.