A Royal affair with the Queen

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She stole the show last time she came to the Waterside, now Nichola McAuliffe is back and this time with a play about a love triangle centering on the Queen.

The Olivier Award-winning actress dazzled Vale audiences when she starred in Alan Bennett’s Lady In The Van back in 2011 at the Aylesbury venue.

Her latest show, which she wrote herself, is called Maurice’s Jubilee. It follows an elderly couple torn apart by the husband’s unfaltering belief that Her Majesty will come to wish him a happy 90th birthday.

“The idea of the Queen is that we all project something onto her, so for Maurice she is the only thing in his life that hasn’t been spoiled,” says Nichola.

“It’s a lovely story, the two main protagonists in the play are both in their 80s, but that doesn’t make it any less of a love story.

“The story follows Maurice who believes that the Queen is coming to seem him and he has believed for 60 years that she will come.

“But his wife doesn’t believe him and because of his obsession it becomes a love triangle.

“Throughout the play his wife just wants him to be in love with her. It’s an ongoing battle between the couple, but it’s funny as well.”

The story idea came to Nicola while driving back from a funeral. The actress, who has met The Queen, declines to reveal whether the Royal appears in the play.

Fellow Olivier Award winning actor Julian Glover, who is known for appearances in Star Wars and Indiana Jones, plays the central character of Maurice.

Julian has previously acted in Aylesbury – having appeared in a short film called Mr Invisible alongside comedian Omid Djalili which was partly shot in Tilbury’s Butchers in January 2012. Read the full story here

Nichola describes the Waterside as a ‘shining light’ and is full of praise for its operators, saying: “Without people like ATG we wouldn’t have a theatre.

“The government is cutting funding but if theatre companies like ATG keep taking a risk on new plays in places like Aylesbury when they don’t have to – here they are taking a risk on a three-hander without any reality TV stars in it – what they are doing is saying we are serious about theatre.”

When asked what she makes of the Waterside, Nichola jokes: “It’s big and its square, the staff are lovely and it’s very imaginative with wood.”

“It’s a lovely theatre and has very good acoustics because of the wood,” she continues.

“Maurice’s Jubilee is an intimate piece so we will have to be sure to position the set in the best place.

“We have to be very careful with the set so it doesn’t look like a stamp in the middle of a large envelope.”

Maurice’s Jubilee will be at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre from Tuesday January 29 to Saturday February 2.

For more details visit www.atgtickets.com/aylesbury