‘A prolonged and savage attack which could so easily have proven fatal’: Thugs jailed for vicious Kingsbury assault

Elias Cordero, Gwedon Jakoc and Tomaz Biernacki
Elias Cordero, Gwedon Jakoc and Tomaz Biernacki
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Three men have been sentenced to a combined 11-and-a-half years in prison after a vicious attack in Kingsbury sparked by an argument over a round of drinks.

At Aylesbury Crown Court today, Gwedon Jakoc, 31, from Reading and Tomasz Biernacki, 42, of no fixed address, both received five year sentences for playing leading roles in the May 7 assault.

Part of Kingsbury sealed off by police after the assault

Part of Kingsbury sealed off by police after the assault

Elias Cordero, 20, of Prebendal Avenue, Aylesbury, received an 18 month sentence for his part in the attack, which included kicking the victim Adam Zmijewski six times in the head.

CCTV of the violent assault showed Mr Zmijewski being repeatedly kicked and punched by the trio as he lay on the floor, including Jakoc punching him 21 times in quick succession.

The assault caused bleeding on Mr Zmijewski’s brain and he also suffered cuts and bruises to his face, head, and body.

Sentencing, Judge Joanna Cutts said the attack ‘could so easily have proven fatal’.

The fight broke out in Kingsbury at around 2.30am on May 7.

Mr Zmijewski had been speaking and drinking with Jakoc and Biernacki before the fight.

When it was the victim’s turn to buy drinks, his card was rejected and someone else had to pay.

Once they had left the bar Jakoc and Biernacki became aggressive towards Mr Zmijewski, although Biernacki claimed he was provoked.

The fight broke out and Cordero joined in because ‘he did not want the others to think he was weak’.

Describing Mr Zmijewski’s memory of the events, prosecutor Adrian Fleming said: “He can remember falling to the ground, being kicked in the head and then one particularly hard kick and then he does not remember anything else until he was in the ambulance.”

Onlookers tried to intervene and Cordero eventually also attempted to pull the other two away.

John Traversi, defending Cordero, said: “After his inexcusable involvement he quickly realised the nature and character of what was going on and he tried to stop them.”

Despite being pulled away, Jakoc and Biernacki both returned to assault Mr Zmijewski further.

Judge Cutts said: “Mr Biernacki went back twice, stomping the complainant on the head and at one point running up to him as if taking a goal kick and kicking him with force to his head.”

All three were arrested shortly after the attack.

Mr Zmijewski was taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital and discharged 48 hours later.

The court heard that Jakoc has previous convictions in Poland and Germany while Biernacki has been in trouble in France and Germany.

Both have partners who are expecting babies.

John Waller, defending Biernacki, said his actions were ‘absolutely abhorrent’ but not premeditated.

Mr Waller said: “He felt he had been wronged and took the matter into his own hands.

“Clearly Mr Biernacki and the others have gone far too far.”

There were tears in the public gallery and cries of ‘Oh God’ as Judge Cutts sentenced the men.

The judge said: “Whatever argument there was can be no excuse for what followed.

“The CCTV footage makes grim viewing of a prolonged and savage attack.”

All three were told they will serve half of their sentences, Cordero at a young offenders’ institute, before being released on license.