£81,000 to be used to fund staff pay increase

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MORE than 220 district council staff are to be given a pay increase under plans revealed this week.

Next week members at Aylesbury Vale District Council will weigh up plans to spend £81,000 on increasing pay for the lowest-paid employees.

Politicians have been recommended to give the award the thumbs-up ahead of a meeting on Wednesday next week.

A report from the council’s head of people and payroll, Ann Kiceluk, said: “While the trade unions and employee representatives have asked for a further meeting to formally conclude discussions for 2012, the pay negotiating team has committed to recommending to council that an award of £250 (pro-rata for part time staff) be made to the lowest paid staff, that is all staff on Grades 1 and 2.

“This would mean a total of 221 AVDC staff would receive a pay award, that being 43% of staff (based on headcount figures).”

Staff at the top of Grade 2 currently receive a salary of £21,960 each year.

The report said staff had been offered changes to flexi-time arrangements as an alternative to a pay increase.

The report says the pay increase will be added to the council’s ‘salary spine’, making it a permanent increase. It ruled that the move would help the council recruit and retain ‘the very best people’.

No other pay grades are set for a salary increase.