360° views of historic sites go online

What's in Thame release 360 degree images
What's in Thame release 360 degree images

THE best sites in Thame can now be seen online in a full 360 degree view.

Sites such as the Market Square, town hall and local shops are all on a new section of the What’s in Thame website, with the hope that it will attract more business to the town.

Director of the site Paul Ray set up the new feature in order to show what Thame has to offer to tourists and it is hoped it will boost the economy.

He said: “It is just a great thing that can get everybody in Thame involved.

“It will let people see what Thame has to offer and can attract more tourists to the town.”

It is made by using a high spec camera, which takes more than 60 still images for each 360 degree view.

This is then turned into a film and uploaded.

So far it is just in the early stages of setting up and it is hoped that more attractions will be added.

To see the videos visit the website at www.whatsinthame.co.uk