£300k compensation to ex-RAF Halton female recruits after injuries suffered ‘marching in step with men’

Parading at RAF Halton
Parading at RAF Halton

Three former RAF Halton female recruits have been awarded £300,000 after suffering injuries from marching in step with male colleagues.

The women said parading alongside taller male recruits caused them to over-stride and develop spinal and pelvic injuries, according to The Mail on Sunday.

The Ministry of Defence said the RAF has reviewed its recruit training practices to protect their welfare.

RAF policy says female recruits should not have to extend their strides over 27in.

But The Mail on Sunday reported that the women were forced to take 30in strides, the same as male recruits.

The MoD confirmed claims from three former recruits who suffered stress fracture injuries were settled on August 7, but would not say how the money will be divided between them.

An MoD spokeswoman said: “When compensation claims are submitted, they are considered on the basis of whether or not the Ministry of Defence has a legal liability to pay compensation.

“Where there is a legal liability to pay compensation we do so.

“The RAF takes the welfare of it recruits very seriously and has reviewed its recruit training practices to mitigate against this risk.”

When deciding how much to pay out in compensation, the MoD considers a person’s pain and suffering, the degree of injury, property losses, past and future financial losses and the level of care required.

The Mail on Sunday said the women have been compensated for nine years of lost earnings and pensions and all now have careers outside the military, having recovered from their injuries.