Whole heap of classics from The Dung Beatles

Four guys squeezed into a tiny room creating great music – it could almost be The Beatles in rehearsal.

Listening to them, it’s hardly surprising. For this is The Dung Beatles – a highly professional tribute act fast making a name for themselves in this neck of the woods – or should that be Norwegian Wood?

Beatles tribute act The Dung Beatles, pictured at Aylesbury Music Shop in Temple Street

Beatles tribute act The Dung Beatles, pictured at Aylesbury Music Shop in Temple Street

But don’t take my word for it – see the Dung Beatles rehearsing above Aylesbury Music in our video, which could whet the appetite of fab four fans who have the chance to see the tribute act band live at The Waterside Theatre on Friday, October 25.

Co-owner of the Temple Street shop Danny Prendergast, who fills the shoes of George Harrison as lead guitarist, said: “There are so many songs and they’re so good. Great songs are great songs, whether they are from today or 50 years ago.

“Young people are still getting into their music today, sometimes because they hear their parents’ records.”

The Dung Beatles, who sold out the Limelight Theatre in March, focus on getting the integrity of the sound 
and harmonies right, rather than making it a dress-up show.

“I think that could distract people from the music,” Danny pointed out. “The aim is to make it seem effortless – not to overplay it.

“It’s all about the music, but we do aim to look smart, wearing white shirts and black ties.”

While Beatles fans can look forward to all the standard favourites such as Help, Ticket To Ride and She Loves You, the Dung Beatles make sure there are more songs included that may be more ‘off radar’ such as And Your Bird Can Sing, Doctor Robert and I’m Only Sleeping.

The Dung Beatles band have been playing around the home counties since 2011, having initially formed for a charity gig that was so much fun they decided to keep a fab thing going. The band comprises Mike Ashton from Little Kingshill on drums, Steve Hillier from Grendon Underwood on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Danny Prendergast from Waddesdon on vocals and lead guitar and Phil Toler from Watermead on bass and vocals.

They are all serious Beatles fans and like to concentrate on getting the music right, especially the harmonies.

Their set is normally played half with acoustic guitars, covering songs such as Here comes The Sun and I’ve just seen a Face, and the other half with electric guitars for songs such as She said, she said.

They also feature a three-piece horn section at bigger gigs, including The Waterside.

The priority for the band is really the fun of playing some of the greatest songs ever written. During 2013, the band have played dozens of clubs and festivals and featured live on BBC 3 Counties Radio.

At the Waterside, the support act will be acoustic guitar duo Jake and Angus and there will be a special appearance of sitar player John Kay.

The Dung Beatles are fast building up their own fan base, too. Comments posted after gigs include:

“A truly great evening. The dance floor was crowded and it was a real party atmosphere.”

“You capture the essence without trying to carbon-copy and deliver it with such affection that it can’t fail to rub off on the audience. Great sound and playing, too.”

> Tickets for the Waterside Dung Beatles gig are available by visiting www.atgtickets.com, with prices at £12.10-£15.40.

> Pictures, video and other info about the band can be found at www.thedungbeatles.co.uk.