Rewind to December 1982

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What was going on in the Vale nearly 30 Christmases ago?

l A briefcase in Upper Hundreds Car Park in the town centre sparked a bomb scare. A remote control robot was used to fire a charge at the case which was later found to contain books and papers.

l There were reports of clashes between motorcycle gangs in Aylesbury. Seven men attacked a house to ‘forcibly warn a member of a rival gang’.

l Members of Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied Club parked a specially tailored bus in Market Square to attract more members. One dressed as a dancing bear, pictured above.

l The newly appointed young churchman at Holy Trinity Church, Aylesbury, spoke out against saucy calendars in offices. Reverend Mike Godfrey said: “Our society seems obsessed with sex and, sadly, sex is separated from love, which in turn is separated from marriage.”

l Two men stole a pair of shotguns from Chiltern Forest Golf Club and made their escape over the course in the greenkeeper’s tractor.

l British Rail floated the idea of extending the Metropolitan Underground line from Amersham to Aylesbury in a move to connect the town to London.

l Victoria Park Playgroup celebrated Christmas, pictured left.

l Hooded gunmen brandishing a sawn-off shotgun raided Lloyds Bank in Haddenham and stole £1,600. The pair of men in overalls escaped on a red motorcycle.

l Fred the guard goose at Aylesbury Scrap Metal Yard was stolen. The highly territorial bird had been used to scare off intruders. His owner appealed for his return but said he feared the pet was already being prepared for Christmas dinner.

l A Longwick woman was ordered to keep her dog under control after the ‘mongrel’ bit a postman.

l An advert appeared in The Bucks Herald for the newly opened Hale Leys Shopping Centre