Karl Vaughan’s Back in Time: Street levelled for bus station

Great Western Street Aylesbury in 1964
Great Western Street Aylesbury in 1964

THIS view of Aylesbury from about 1964 may seem totally unrecognisable at first but if you look to the far left you’ll see a familiar building – the Bell on the corner of Walton Street and Market Square.

The four buildings opposite fronted Great Western Street, where the bus station is now.

The photographer is standing in Friarage Road, which is not to be confused with the present one.

This old road joined Bourbon Street with Great Western Street.

There were some nice shops along here. On the corner was Samuels the newsagent, next was Parminter the butcher, then came Tomkins the hairdresser and lastly George Rayner, another butcher.

Later in 1964 Friarage Road was bulldozed to make way for Friars Square and in 1967 the buildings we see here were levelled when the bus station and the second phase of the shopping centre began.