Dona miss Thame Players’ latest stage show

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THAME Players are preparing for their latest show called Dona Rosita The Spinster, which begins on September 6.

It will run until Saturday September 10, with tickets costing £8 and £7.

This is a moving play enlivened by comic and eccentric characters, bringing to life Lorca’s satirical view of inward-looking bourgeois society.

It is based on Walter B Pitkin’s book from 1932 titled Life Begins at Forty. It is a proverb that is still used today but it was quite different in the Andalucian town of Granada a century or so ago. Then, if a lady was not married by the time she was 40, life was definitely over.

So it was with Rosita whose romance 20 years earlier had turned sour and fruitless.

In 1890 the young Rosita happily awaits her wedding day, but her fiancé goes away to Argentina and secretly marries out there, never to return. The plot then follows Rosita and how she copes with the devastation.

Rosita waits for him in vain, buoyed by his continuing letters home to her, and she rejects the many suitors who would wish to win her affection. So her beauty fades, as does the rosa mutabilis, the rose which fades from bright red to white in just one day.

Tickets for the play are available from Tickets Anywhere, Greyhound Walk or by calling 01844 217228.