Back in Time: Mixed feelings over historic hunt picture

Hunt in Kingsbury, Aylesbury, in 1910
Hunt in Kingsbury, Aylesbury, in 1910
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A more controversial subject this week as we go back to 1910 to look at a hunt meet riding through Kingsbury.

The meet assembled in Market Square and was the focus of much attention.

There would have been many horses and riders, not to mention dogs.

Looking back at images like this gives me mixed feelings.

It’s a wonderful snapshot of times gone by but is somewhat tarnished by what would eventually happen later in the day.

They are after all hunting for foxes that would be killed after being chased over the fields for up to an hour.

Today this form of hunting is illegal, although recently there have been calls for some relaxation in the law to allow farmers to use packs of hounds to flush out foxes that they deem to be pests.