Back in Time 1964: Station Street now and then

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This week’s Back in Time takes us back to Station Street in 1964 which no longer exists after development ended its 150-year stay in Aylesbury.

Looking down Station Street in 1964: This street ran parallel to Hale Street, meeting Railway Street at the bottom. The building with the white cross on the right was the Roman Catholic Hall.

Station Street in 1964

Station Street in 1964

Behind the telephone pole was Mayne & Sons builders yard. They had another yard further up the street. At the bottom of the street were two pubs – the Prince of Wales on the corner and the Star Hotel facing it on Railway Street.

Behind the hotel were the gas works where one of the gasometers can just be seen.

To the left of the car was the goods yard of the old Aylesbury to Cheddington railway. This is where the town’s first station was situated, hence the names of the two streets.

Station Street has since vanished. The lower half disappeared in the early 1990s when a multi-storey car park was built.

In 1999 work began on Wilkinson’s new store. This was built over the upper half of the street, ending its 150 years of existence in the town.