Back in Time 1960: Tracking down famous locomotive’s last journey

Is this The South Yorkshireman's last journey in 1960?
Is this The South Yorkshireman's last journey in 1960?

Recently I watched an interesting TV programme about the history of the famous Flying Scotsman locomotive.

This prompted me to dig out a photograph of the same class of engine, the Gresley Pacific A3. This is The South Yorkshireman (originally Sir Frederick Banbury) with the British Rail engine number 60102 leaving Aylesbury possibly on its last journey from London in 1960.

This was built a year before The Flying Scotsman but didn’t have the same prestige. Its destination would have been the north, passing through Woodford Halse junction and beyond Rugby.

There are at least nine carriages behind the engine which indicates how busy the route must have been at times.

It also shows how powerful this beast was - that’s a lot of weight to pull. Aylesbury is presently the end of line for rail passengers but in the next five years the town will have access to the north once again when the East West Rail link opens from Bicester to Milton Keynes with a spur going south through Quainton to Aylesbury.

Sadly there won’t be anything as majestic as The South Yorkshireman in service but at least it will be nice to see the line open again.