Back in Time 1908: Rare unchanged street sparks emotional visit

Temple Street in 1908 and how it looks today (below)
Temple Street in 1908 and how it looks today (below)

This week we go back to 1908 and visit Temple Street.

This is looking from the Bourbon Street end towards Temple Square.

I was prompted to do a piece on this street because an elderly lady from Canada had recently been in contact with The Bucks Herald saying that a member of her family once ran the shop on the right, which was then Mr Theobald’s glass and china shop.

The lady paid a visit to Aylesbury so she could see if the building still survived.

Carrying a photocopy of an old view of the street she popped into Aylesbury Music, which is the current occupant of the building, and told the owner about her connection with the place.

She said that she was amazed to see the building still standing and it was an emotional experience for her.

How fortunate for her that the street had remained largely unchanged in the last 100 years.

If her ancestor’s shop was elsewhere in the town it probably would have vanished years ago.