REVIEW: Grease is an electrifyin’ night out at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

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I MUST admit that I didn’t have high expectations for Grease as I was never really a huge fan of the film, writes David Moth.

My head was filled with bad childhood memories of the cheesy songs and corny love story plot, so I was fully expecting to spend the night cringing at what is essentially the original version of Disney’s High School Musical.

But thankfully my worst fears were immediately quashed when the live band struck up for quick-fire medley of the show’s catchiest tunes.

As much as I thought the songs were dated, my foot was tapping along as the conductor urged the audience to clap and cheer while the band members introduced themselves with bursts of You’re The One That I Want and We Go Together.

Because although we’ve all heard these songs hundreds of times before, they are still undeniably catchy and fun.

Even on a Monday night it was impossible not to get swept up in the energy on stage as the cast belted out Grease Is The Word and Summer Nights.

The dancing is relentless and the cast do an amazing job jiving about the stage as one number quickly leads into another.

All the sing-along songs are rattled off with barely time for the performers to pause for breath, which is great fun for the audience as the action on stage never lulls.

And the script is much funnier than I had remembered.

The T-Birds’ lewd jokes about the Pink Ladies and the teachers at Rydell High had me laughing out loud and play perfectly to the family audience.

Danny Bayne, who is advertised in the lead role as Danny, is unlikely to appear in the show’s week-long run at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre due to an injured shoulder, but understudy Ricky Rojas is brilliant as his stand-in.

So despite my initial doubts, I recommend you get a group of mates and head to Grease ready to be out of your seat and dancing by the end of the show.

It is great fun and a fantastic night out.

Grease is on until Saturday. For tickets go to