Super Sahid topples Big Apple as fighter wins first ever competitive Brazilian jiu jitsu bout at brown belt

Sahid Khamlichi with Brazilian jiu jitsu legend Renzo Gracie
Sahid Khamlichi with Brazilian jiu jitsu legend Renzo Gracie

Brazilian jiu jitsu fighter Sahid Kamlichi travelled to New York for his first ever competitive brown belt tussle and came away with the top spot.

The Aylesbury man, assistant head coach at the Roger Gracie Academy Bucks, won gold in the heavyweight masters category at the Ibjjf Pan No Gi Championships.

After years of hard work and training Sahid Khamlichi was awarded his coveted brown belt last month.

For Khamlichi, the belt came a year sooner than expected and he had the added bonus of receiving the reward for all their hard work from legend Roger Gracie, whose grandfather Carlos founded the martial art.

A delighted Khamlichi said getting the belt from Gracie was ‘inspirational’ and he also met with Renzo Gracie after his landmark win in New York (pictured).

Khamlichi said at the time: “To get my brown belt from Roger Gracie is a huge deal to me but also a real shock as I wasn’t expecting it!” he said.

“Roger is a true legend and a complete gentleman. He has been a multiple world champion at every level and if he and Kevin (Capel, Bucks RGA head coach) felt I was ready for the next challenge I do not question or doubt it.

“I wasn’t expecting it until next year but I put my progression down to the fantastic academy we have here in Aylesbury. I would not have proved myself Europe and the UK without it and always feel very fortunate.”