Young Bucks racer is airlifted to hospital after knock at Knockhill

Bucks racer Tom Ingram
Bucks racer Tom Ingram
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Bucks racer Tom Ingram looked set to leave Knockhill having significantly reduced the deficit separating him from the 2012 Ginetta GT Supercup championship lead at the weekend.

Instead, he departed the circuit in an air ambulance following a hefty start-line shunt that has left him with two injured legs.

The 19-year-old’s pre-weekend objective remained well on target as he closed the title points gap from 72 to 55. Until race three when an ‘almighty bang’ on releasing the clutch left the car motionless and he waited for the inevitable thud from behind, at 95mph.

“That pushed me to the left of the track, where I was hit again. The car was a real mess and I was lucky it didn’t catch fire, because it squashed the fuel tank, too. I tried to climb out, but my legs couldn’t support my weight and I fell over.”

He was later discharged on crutches with two badly bruised and swollen legs.