Mums can still have fun with Back to Netball

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Mums are being offered a fun and friendly route back into sport after having children thanks to new netball and runing schemes in Aylesbury.

Back to Netball sessions and Beginners Running courses are taking place across Aylesbury Vale at times and venues to suit you, like straight after the school run.

With a weekly session to attend where you know you’ll see friendly faces and have lots of fun, there’s no reason not to dedicate an hour a week to yourself.

Hundreds of women have already joined their local session and love the way it makes them feel.

Alison, 32, from Aylesbury, said: “Last New Year I swapped my fad diet and found my way Back to Netball instead. “It’s me time and it’s far more fun than when we were at school!”

And for anyone who would like to do a charity race but thinks that they can’t run, there are lots of women who can prove you wrong. Beginners’ Running courses will ease you in gradually, starting at walking pace, just like Karen, 41, from Brill, who said: “Completing the 10-week course has shown me that running can be safe and fun.

“The group keep me motivated to come back each week.”

To get involved call Geri Moore on 07964124783 or email