As rage over being ‘robbed’ of two titles subsides, Aylesbury boxer Graham says nothing will stop him finally getting what he wants from sport he loves

Nathan Graham in action
Nathan Graham in action
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Boxer Nathan Graham says he was ‘robbed’ of a title for the second time in a week after losing out on points for the International Masters Welterweight belt on Sunday night, a decision he described as ‘an absolute joke’.

Graham went into the fight against Adam Battle at London’s York Hall fired up and determined to right the wrongs of the controversial decision not to award him the Southern Area title after he outboxed Kristian Agyei-Dua last weekend.

Judges ruled that fight a draw, despite Agyei-Dua admitting afterwards Graham should have won by at least two rounds.

The former Aylesbury United and FC striker dusted himself down from that disappointment, though, only to suffer a worse fate in his second title fight in eight days, when he was deemed to have lost on rounds to Battle, a decision that has left the fighter fuming.

“I was robbed twice in a week! There is no way I lost,” Graham said.

“I don’t know how they have managed to award it to him.

“Once again everyone was saying I had won the fight, I know I have won the fight, the other guy blatantly knows I have won the fight but he was the home fighter again and they have given it to him.

“It’s an absolute joke!”

Graham’s corner and management were far from happy afterwards, seeking out the decision-makers for an explanation.

But Graham insists he will not let anyone bring him down until he gets what he wants from the sport.

“It might look bad on my record but anyone that saw the two fights knows I won them both and I know I won them and that’s what matters,” he said.

“It’s a mess-you-about sport and I won’t let these stupid little decisions stop me doing what I want to do. I want to thank Pegasus, Nuffield, my dad, uncle and all my true friends for their support. My time will come.”