Waste changes save taxpayer £500k a year

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A new waste system is being introduced in the Vale in a bid to double the number of people who recycle by 2015 – while saving the taxpayer £500,000 a year.

Currently the Aylesbury Vale is in the bottom 5% of districts in the country for recycling, with just 21% of people correctly sorting their waste.

This, the district council claims, is partly due to an out of date waste system, which has not changed since 1998.

As a result, the new system is being based on models from top recycling councils Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire.

Waste and recycling operations manager, Isabel Edgar Briancon, said research carried out by officers suggested the system was too complicated for residents. It is therefore hoped that a new single recycling bin will encourage people to sort their waste.

“Residents will see a huge improvement,” she said.

“There are also new materials we can recycle now that we couldn’t before, such as Tetrapaks and cardboard.”

Waste will also now be collected on a four-day week, which means that all servicing and training may be completed on a Monday, rather than needing to take vehicles and staff off the roads and bring in replacements.

And once the waste has been collected, all recyclables will be sent to a sorting company in Wales, which is paying the council for our waste, footing the bill for the cost of new bins.