Ward changes at Stoke Mandeville Hospital

Stoke Mandvelle Hospital
Stoke Mandvelle Hospital
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Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust launched a new programme this week to maximise its use of space and staff so it can offer improved services and patient care.

The Better Healthcare in Bucks programme has seen medical and surgical wards relocate in both Stoke Mandeville Hospital and Wycombe Hospital in order to cluster similar specialities together.

Diabetes, respiratory, medicine for older people and gastroenterology inpatients on wards 3b and 6b began being transferred from Wycombe to Stoke Mandeville Hospital on Monday and will conclude today (Wednesday) and Thursday.

The move means it will be able to provide patients with greater access to specialist staff and facilities.

A new surgical floor on ward 16 at Mandeville was also opened on Monday in a bid to centralise all the surgery wards.

Hospital staff have prepared over the past few months to ensure the changes run smoothly.

Prior to the ward moves, patients who were deemed fit enough to leave the hospital were discharged.

Patients who now need to transfer to Stoke Mandeville will be assessed thoroughly before being moved and will be accompanied by a member of staff in an ambulance. All patients and their families have been informed of the move.

Wycombe Hospital will continue to be the specialist centre for cardiac, stroke and vascular care as well as for the county’s planned surgery centre and will provide a range of outpatient, day care and minor injury services.