Waddesdon Manor closes as storms forecast

Waddesdon Manor
Waddesdon Manor

Waddesdon Manor has closed today (Monday) because of predicted high winds in the area.

The house and gardens are both shut, with winds of up to 30mph and rain forecast.

A Waddesdon spokeswoman said: “It’s incredibly disappointing for us but because we have a lot of trees it’s just not worth taking the risk.”

Anyone who has booked to visit the manor today should call the booking office on 01296 653 226 for more information.

Father Christmas’ tour of Langdon Avenue and Ambleside with the Rotary Club of Aylesbury has also been cancelled because of the weather.

A posting on the club’s website said: “Even Santa can’t control the weather.

“His elves go out in all weather and only in very exceptional circumstances do we cancel in advance.”

Indoor domes at Halton Tennis Club are also due to remain down because of the weather.

The worst of the weather is expected today, although further strong winds are predicted for later in the week.

Christmas Day and Boxing Day in Aylesbury are expected to be breezy with sunny spells and showers, which will occasionally be heavy and possibly thundery.

On Friday gales and rain are forecast in the area.