Toilet abusers proving tough to catch

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Toilets in the town centre are being abused by people exposing themselves, peeping toms and drug users.

In the police’s Aylesbury Town Centre report, the neighbourhood team identify the toilets in the mutli-storey car park by the Multicultural Centre in Friarage Way as a hotspot for problems.

Police inspector Kelly Glister said: “There’s been a few cases of public decency, exposure, people looking over cubicles.

“Things seem to have calmed down a bit but public toilets always attract inappropriate attention.

“It’s not pleasant if you’re a mum and you have young children and need the loo and there’s needles and other things found in there.”

Insp Glister said the town struggles as there are not enough public toilets but it needs the right balance of putting in new cubicles which are well lit and cannot be abused.

She added: “You can’t have CCTV cameras in the toilets and they are areas where people can hide.

“Public toilets is high on the agenda.”