Three and a half decades of work to move 19th century cottage nears end

Work continues on the house
Work continues on the house
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More than 35 years of work to move a 19th century cottage from Haddenham to the Chiltern Open Air Museum is nearly complete.

John Hyde-Trutch and the museum team first dismantled Number 8, The Croft, back in 1977, although building work only began in 2008.

After all the work, there are just a few finishing touches needed.

Mr Hyde-Trutch said: “We are putting on the top plaster coat downstairs, once we had remembered how to do it. Just got the porch to do now and it’s done.

“After this we can put the sink in and the range and get the cupboard next to the front fireplace built. However, we also have to make a start on the garden wall.

“We have also started making the architraves for the first floor doors.

“Once they and the doors are on we can think about plastering the upstairs.”

Research is still being done to discover the exact original build date of the house.

It is steeped in history itself, particularly because the wychert clay it is made from is unique to the area.