Thief steals farm banners at Terrick

Mr Brunt with his only remaining sign
Mr Brunt with his only remaining sign

A farmer is angry after plastic banners advertising produce in his farm shop were stolen from a roadside verge overnight.

Geoff Brunt, of Terrick, opens his shop once a month and relies on the banners to bring in customers.

He said: “We don’t use permanent signage, we put up an A-board and several plastic banners for 48 hours and find it very effective.

“Losing the banners just before we opened this month had a terrible effect on takings.

“We have many loyal customers, but also need to attract new people and they only know about us if they see our banners.”

Mr Brunt discovered the theft early on Friday morning as he prepared to open the shop.

“I put the signs out on Thursday evening and my son saw them at midnight, but they were gone by the morning.

“They have our website address and our brand, Terrick Beef, written on them – so they are completely worthless to anyone else.”

The four stolen banners are white with black writing on them and measure about 3ft x 4ft.

Two of them were in homemade steel box section frames.

The wording on each banner is different but generally advertise Terrick beef, lamb, steak pies, ready meals and other local food.

Two of them also promote the website

Contact Mr Brunt on if you have any information or click here to visit the Thames Valley Police website