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It has been a busy time for the Thamensian.

I am pleased to report that I have now successfully set my own business up and am an up and coming entrepreneur.

I can prove this: I have business cards, a bank account (don’t worry, not Barclays), two box files and a slightly worried expression.

Excitingly I also have a brand new laptop, bought last weekend from PC World in Aylesbury. Good Lord what a struggle that was.

I have suits older than the salesman who sidled up to me and started talking processors, terabytes and Ram.

My 10 years in a web-based world were no match for his boyish banter and eventually I walked out of the store with a new computer, assorted software I didn’t want and slightly more debt to worry about.

Of course, I didn’t let them set the laptop up in store. That cost more money and was a waste of time. Instead I have spent the last five nights battling with updates and software installers.

Another couple of evenings and I reckon this new computer will do everything the old one used to be able to.

As I type this, my mind drifts back to my IT classes at Lord Williams’. ‘Computer Skills’ were brilliant lessons.

You needed to learn BASIC, and then by typing in 14 pages of instructions you could get the cursor to draw a green line square. Brilliant.

And (kids this bit may be hard to imagine) until you pressed the big red GO button you didn’t know if it was going to work or not.

So you’d try to draw a square, it would turn into a trapezium and you would have to go back through all 14 pages to find the one character error.

Nowadays of course you can’t watch EastEnders without tweeting to see what you are supposed to be thinking, or updating your Facebook to show what an interesting and fulfilling life you lead.

No longer tied to the table, now our laptops are on our, um, laps, and as I write this I am watching a German tennis player grunt her way to victory on TV while blasting out tunes from Spotify and waiting for the software to finish building my new website.

You thought a bloke wrote this, right, but with that level of multi-tasking you’re not quite sure now, are you?

I’m kind of hoping that given a few weeks I will find the spellcheck function to make this page that extra special little bit better.

Or perhaps a Bee Gee identifier app to help with my research.

Sorry about that.

One good thing though. At least this laptop has a longer lasting battery so there’s no way it’s going to run out in mid ...