Thame worker could have swine flu

A worker at a Thame company could have swine flu it was confirmed today (Thursday).

Workers at CPM Ltd on Aylesbury Road have been given cleaning products and their premises will be cleaned overnight while the business will stay open.

They have been working with the NHS following their latest pandemic flu guidance.

Jane Cottrell, board director, said: "The NHS is no longer testing suspected cases to confirm swine flu. We are taking all sensible preventative measures to minimise the risk of transmission in the event that the case is confirmed.

"(Yesterday) evening our entire Thame site was thoroughly cleaned in accordance with the national flu pandemic guidance from the NHS.

"We have provided sanitisers and hand rubs across the site and we are encouraging staff to use these at all times."

Staff at the marketing company have been told that if they experience any signs and symtoms of flu described in the NHS guidelines, they should advise their line manager, co home and contact NHS Direct or their GP.

NHS guidelines say: "Children and adults who have no symptoms but have had contact with probable or confirmed cases in social community settings do not need to be excluded from either school or the workplace. They should continue their normal daily routines."