Thame neighbourhood plan supporters apologise for gaffe

A clip from the 'Say Yes For Thame' campaign video
A clip from the 'Say Yes For Thame' campaign video

Supporters of Thame’s neighbourhood plan have been forced to apologise after implying impartial politicians would be backing the scheme.

The ‘Yes for Thame’ group issued a poster saying planning minister Nick Boles MP and Nigel Champken-Woods, the Mayor of Thame, would be speaking at an event they are holding near the town hall tomorrow (April 27).

Mr Boles will be in town on the day with Mr Champken-Woods, but is due to speak and take questions on neighbourhood planning at a separate but nearby event being organised by Thame Town Council.

When the controversy of claiming the pair would be speaking at the ‘Yes for Thame’ event was pointed out to organisers, they quickly moved to clarify the situation.

The group’s Mike Dyer said the intention was to demonstrate the range of people visiting Thame on the day in connection with the neighbourhood plan referendum, not to imply what position they would be representing.

Mr Dyer said: “On reflection we can see that we may have unintentionally created the wrong impression, which we wish to withdraw and for which we apologise.”

Mr Champken-Woods said: “I have taken no position on the plan. All I’m telling people is to go out and vote. It’s your town, you make the decision.”

The 15-year plan sets out how 775 homes, employment sites and other facilities could be developed.

The referendum on the plan is on May 2.