Team reaches the peak of its power

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A TEAM from Thame found out exactly how hard the UK 10 peak challenge really is as they fell three peaks short of the target.

Last year not a single person completed the challenge, which is limited to 24 hours, and only 43 of 150 completed this year’s task.

The team of seven, including a driver, were made up of people from Racquets Fitness Centre and the Thame Fire Station.

They managed to complete six and a half peaks but that was their limit as their bodies gave up with exhaustion.

Competitor Martin King said: “This was really tough, it was one you need to be at the top of your game for. It is aimed at elite marathon runners, not just your average fitness person.”

The team included two personal trainers and two firefighters but they were still left behind straight from the start.

“Within minutes 130 crazy fools ran up the mountain leaving us seven, plus a few other stragglers at the bottom,” Martin said.

“The 10 peaks challenge had begun and the realisation of fitness, distance and endurance was apparent.”

The Thame team still managed to keep up a steady pace, finishing their six and a half peaks in around 13 hours – just short of the 14 hour finishing time of the winner. The team managed to climb England’s two highest peaks and raised £1,400 for Macmillan Cancer Support.