Tasty meal showcases good work of Aylesbury prison following ‘negative’ TV documentary

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A charity president arranged a VIP dinner at Aylesbury Young Offender’s Institution to show how much positive work is done there following a controversial documentary on the prison.

Inmates cooked a sumptuous three course meal for 38 Bucks dignataries, including the Lord Lieutenant and the High Sheriff.

The event was organised by president of the Bucks Red Cross, Amanda Nicholson, with ‘extremely enthusiastic’ support from prison staff.

She said: “I wanted people to see the positive side of the prison, the good work for and by the young offenders.

She said there has been ‘so much negativity’ since the ITV documentary, HMP Aylesbury, screened earlier this year.

“The staff are trying so hard and the young men who cooked for us out up a terrific performance.

“They made the most brilliant canopes and astonishing puddings – it was all as beautiful to look at as it was to eat.

“ The guests showed their appreciation by sending donations to the British Red Cross. We are still receiving them but it is in excess of £1,000.”

The dinner took place on Tuesday May 14.