Tadpole season in full swim at Watermead

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Thousands of tadpoles are currently swimming around in the lake and surrounding streams on Watermead in Aylesbury and we’ve captured some of them on video.

The mass of tadpoles caught the eye just beneath the water’s surface and the sheer number means the area is in for a frog-tastic summer.

Tadpole season in full swim at Watermead

Tadpole season in full swim at Watermead

The name “tadpole” apparently comes from the English word tad for a “toad,” and poll for “head.” In general, a tadpole is a young frog developing in its larval stage that lives in water. Tadpoles like to eat small insects and meal worms, states a high school biology text chapter about amphibians and reptiles. In addition, the text book also states that hungry tadpoles like to eat each other.

In this video, which was taken of one small section of the lake by the bank, you can just make out the tadpoles eating and stripping some nutrients from a branch in the water.

Frogs generally start to mate between March and April and then from April to May the tadpoles grow.

The new frogs will then be out to enjoy the summer all the way through to August when they will start to go back to the pond.