Serial vandals burn memorial seating by Aylesbury canal

The destroyed bench
The destroyed bench

‘Sad’ vandals have repeatedly targeted a bench left in memory of a councillor’s husband.

The bench, put by the Aylesbury canal by Councillor Freda Roberts after her husband Rupert died in 1997, has been burned several times, with the latest unprovoked attack last week.

Mrs Roberts, a district councillor who recently lost her seat at the county council after nearly 50 years, said: “I find it sad.

“It’s just difficult to believe that someone wants to do something like that.

“I just can’t understand it.”

Councillor Steve Patrick, who is due to be made Mayor of Aylesbury this week, has pledged to have the bench replaced, but Mrs Roberts is not sure if it should be.

She said: “It’s been through the mill several times.

“How many times can you keep putting it right?

“I don’t want to keep throwing good money after bad.

“I don’t think my husband would want me to spend anymore money on it.

“I will speak to my son about it and then decide.”