School’s out at Mandeville for THIRD day due to boiler and power problems (but hopefully 35 workmen can fix the fault)

Peter Patchett is confident the school will reopen fully
Peter Patchett is confident the school will reopen fully
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A Vale school has closed today (Wednesday) for a third successive day after its boiler flooded and there was a power cut.

The Mandeville School had to send pupils home on Monday after rain seeped into the boilers eventually causing a flood to the school.

Exams continued but when the boiler failed to warm up and there was a power cut and headteacher Peter Patchett had no choice but to close the school.

He said: “The major boiler failure caused a halt to 80% of the site. When we lost power we had no lights, no computers or any infrastructure.

“We had to close down. When all the power went off that did it.”

Mr Patchett said they had 35 people, a combination of NPower workers and engineers, on site overnight working on the electricity and trying to fix the boiler. The power cut has had an effect on nearby centre and Bucks County Council’s Teaching and Learning Centre.

Engineers are currently trying to locate the right parts to fix the main boiler system.

The headteacher said the school intends to reopen tomorrow (Thursday) for year 10, 11 and sixth form students as there is a usable study block available for them.

He added: “If we can get the boiler repaired tomorrow we can open fully from then on. I’m very positive now.”

Mr Patchett thanked parents, NPower and engineers for their support.