Proposals to keep dogs under control on Watermead and cut down on mess

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Dog walkers in Watermead could face fines or prosecution for failing to pick up their pet’s mess or keeping them on a lead if residents back new rules.

The parish council is consulting on introducing dog control orders following growing concerns about dog-related problems in the area, including mess and pets jumping up at people.

If introduced, the order would mean dog owners or walkers would have to clear up all waste left by their animal on public land.

It could also force people to keep dogs on leads at all times or when told to do so.

The order would give the council the power to hand out fixed penalty notices or prosecute irresponsible dog owners who do not obey it.

Parish clerk Noreen Shardlow said most dog owners are responsible.

She said: “In an ideal world we wouldn’t have to do this.

“If it’s what people want then we will listen to what they decide.”

The consultation, distributed in the village newsletter, asks people how much of a problem they think dogs are in the area and if they support the introduction of the order.

Residents have until the end of February to respond.

If the idea is backed, the council will apply for a licence, which will take a few months.