Police warning to lock up as homes hit


People are being warned to make sure their home are secure after opportunistic burglars broke into three homes through UPVC doors that were not properly locked.

Homes in Ascott Road, Cleveland Road and Cannock Road were targeted in one night when thieves used an unknown tool, possibly a screwdriver, to open the doors.

Cash, jewellery and computer games were among the items stolen.

Detective Sergeant Jim Forrest said: “When they lock up, people who have UPVC doors need to pull the handle up from the inside and then engage the lock with the key.

“If that is done it is virtually impregnable. If they just pull the handle up then criminals can open it.

“You can tell if the door is not locked from the outside because if you push on it there will be a bit of give.

“These burglars probably went to an area and walked around trying doors.”

The three burglaries took place overnight between October 27 and 28.

Two other homes with UPVC doors were targeted in Dalesford Road and David Close recently, but Mr Forrest does not think these were linked to the other three.

Anyone with information about any of the burglaries should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.