Police warning after raft of thefts from vehicles

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People are being warned to take extra care with their valuables following a spate of thefts from vehicles in Thame.

A laptop computer was stolen from an insecure vehicles in Rectory Road, South Weston, between October 6 and 8, while a folder containing 60 DVDs and a DVD remote were stolen from a Mercedes in Postcombe between October 6 and 7.

Catalytic convertors were removed and stolen from vehicles parked in Ireton Court and Chalgrove Road between October 6 and 7, and in Salt Lane, Postcombe, two insecure vehicles were entered and a driving license stolen from one between October 6 and 7.

People are advised to remove any valuable items from their vehicles, leave nothing on display and make sure vehicles are secure when not in use.

Police said people need to be ‘extra vigilant’.

If you have seen any suspicious looking people or vehicles in the area, or have any information on the incidents, call police on 101 and say you are responding to a Community message. Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.