Phil living his TVR dream

Phil Norton with his TVR Tuscan S
Phil Norton with his TVR Tuscan S

We all have a dream car somewhere on our wish list. But some of us actually live the dream.

One such motoring enthusiast is Phil Norton, of Terrick, whose TVR Tuscan S is his pride and joy.

The semi-retired company director said: “It’s now a member of the family and it will not be parting the fold.”

Phil isn’t the only one in the family who is in love with the 195mph-plus supercar.

Daughter Emma has set her sights on it long term and ‘demanded’ that the car is in his will and bequeathed to her.

For the record, the TVR Tuscan S is a 2002 special edition model capable of accelerating to 60mph in 3.8 seconds, with a meaty 4-litre Speed Six engine lurking under that fantastically sculpted bonnet.

Phil said: “I first saw one at a TVR track day and fell in love with it.

“I knew I had to have one but it took me three years to save up enough.

“Sometimes you get something you want and think ‘yeah, I’ve been there and done that’ and maybe sell it on but I have absolutely loved driving it more and more, so that it has become more precious as the years draw on.”

Phil bought the Tuscan S secondhand back in 2007.

The Tahiti Blue metallic TVR special S develops 40bhp more than the standard model and boasts features such as gas discharge headlights and one of the first DAB radios to be fitted as standard.

Phil, 60, also has a son, Andrew, and is married to Sharle.