Outstanding Bucks’ schools highlighted in new Ofsted data


Schools in Bucks are improving and the percentage rated as outstanding is well above the national average.

Ofsted’s annual report indicated that 75% of secondary schools are considered outstanding or good, nine per cent higher than the national average.

The new review showed that secondary schools are rapidly improving with 41% now considered outstanding – a 14% rise on last year.

In all schools, including nurseries and primaries, there are positives for Bucks, too.

Across England 70% are considered either good or outstanding but in Bucks it stands at 77% with the South East average recorded as 68%.

There are few statistics for parents or students to worry about in Bucks except for a minor year on year increase in the number of all schools rated as inadequate.

However, this remains concurrent with the national average of 3% of all schools.

Positively there are now no secondary schools within Bucks rated as inadequate after two schools improved their standings.

Similarly to the past four years no schools received formal warnings to improve.