‘One mother is running out of milk for her baby’: Hospital staff protest in the rain over ‘disgusting’ job loss treatment

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Unpaid workers braved the weather on Saturday to protest at their treatment by the Royal Bucks Hospital which is preparing to close.

Staff on ‘gardening leave’ are yet to get their October wages and there are concerns about when redundancy money will be paid.

Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital / Unison rally in Kingsbury, Aylesbury

Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital / Unison rally in Kingsbury, Aylesbury

Leading the march was secretary of the Bucks health branch of Unison Steve Bell, who said: “Members have gone without pay and food, been threatened with evictions, suffered extreme stress and are now looking for work in difficult times.”

Patients are no longer being seen at the 1830s-built private hospital at the top of Bicester Road after the firm which runs it, Dr J Clarke and Mid Bucks Medical Centre, announced it was closing in August.

More than 80 staff were warned they could lose their jobs.

Saturday’s protest marked the third time that workers have gone unpaid since it was announced that the hospital was winding down.

During the rain-soaked parade through the town centre, Mr Bell said: “We won’t give up until all our members have received what they are owed.”

Aylesbury Vale District Councillor Michael Beall said: “While it is unfortunate that the hospital should fail to remain open, it

is no excuse for staff to be treated in the manner with which they have been recently.

“Because staff members have not been paid their wages in full, they have been threatened with eviction by landlords and are having trouble

affording bills or providing basic care for their families.

“One member told me she is running out of milk for her baby.

“To treat staff this way in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, regardless of the circumstances surrounding their place of work, is disgusting.

“We need to make sure that staff members of the Royal Bucks do not suffer detrimentally because of something which isn’t their fault. That includes putting pressure on landlords and utility companies to ensure that these people are not put at risk of homelessness or debt problems.”

Following the protest no-one from the hospital has been available to comment.