Notes from Tiggywinkles: Oh deery me I’m off to A&E

Fallow deer
Fallow deer
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Touch wood, over the years, I have only needed to present myself to Stoke Mandeville Hospital A & E on a very few occasions.

As if to make up for all that lost time I have visited twice in the last couple of days.

Working with fallow deer I stress that if one runs at you it will attempt to jump straight over you.

I was not supposed to be in the way but this hefty deer gave me no chance to duck as it launched its 60kg of express train, not over my head but slap, bang in the middle of my chest.

I flew backwards like a sack of logs. Not too bad but I did split open my head on the deer fencing around our paddocks.

Dignity in tatters I was quickly back on my feet a ghastly image as blood dripped down my face. Our first aiders insisted that I go to A & E. I didn’t relish the four-hour wait that we all hear about. I wouldn’t stop bleeding so got a lift to the hospital.

A & E was quite full so Sue and I settled down for that long wait. It didn’t happen. In less than half an hour I had been triaged and no more than an hour later had been stitched up and sent packing.

Thought it was all over. No such luck. The next morning I could not stand up.

My left knee felt as if that deer was jumping up and down on it.

Back to A & E. In another short time I had been triaged, seen and diagnosed, given a pair of crutches and sent packing again.

No lasting damage but two days with my leg up boring you with my aches and pains.