No horsing around as firefighters launch rescue from canal

A horse in Grand Union Canal last year
A horse in Grand Union Canal last year

Firefighters had to rescue a horse from the Grand Union Canal near Broughton Lane after it got stuck on Wednesday.

A fire crew and water rescue unit were called out at 10.58am and worked in tandem to carefully attach a lasso around the three-year-old chestnut horse’s neck before leading it to a shallow part of the bank so it could walk out.

A Bucks Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: “It’s not an everyday occurrence that’s for sure. Firefighters are trained to deal with a wide variety of incidents, and although this one was quite unusual, thanks to their training, equipment and experience, it was a textbook animal rescue which went very smoothly.”

Firefighters said the horse was swimming freely down the canal and even stopping to eat grass on the bank before it was eventually reunited with its owner.

It’s the second time in as many years that a horse has fallen into the canal and had to be rescued by the fire service.