New High School floodlights ‘will improve sports performance’

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Aylesbury High School has submitted a planning application to install 12 new floodlights for its existing tennis and netball court.

The school, based on Walton Road, resurfaced its sports courts over the summer and is seeking to maximise its usage of the new facility.

Headteacher Alan Rosen said: “With the clocks going back, currently we are unable to use the courts after school because it is too dark.

“The courts are of a really good standard now that they have been resurfaced and we want to be able to use them as much as we can.

“We are very pleased with the design of the new floodlights and they will be a great addition to the school premises.”

The school has a proud tradition of doing well in sport – last year five of its sports teams reached national finals, and Mr Rosen said he hoped the new facility would help improve this aspect of the curriculum.

He said: “Hopefully the facility can strengthen our performance in national competitions.

“We have always been very strong at sport at this school so it would benefit us if we could have better courts.

“We would look to use the new courts for our PE classes as well as our sports teams, and it would also be a good start to our premises development plan for the next few years which we are working on.”

Mr Rosen also thanked parents who have provided contributions towards funding for the project.

He said: “I would like to thank the parents who have provided money for the project.

“We have also used money from the school funds and we also received a Government grant from the Academics Capital Maintenance Fund.”

The maintenance fund is run by the Education Funding Agency.

Mr Rosen added that he felt there was ‘a good chance’ of the application being granted as the feedback received so far had been positive.

He said: “I am hopeful that we will get the green light but if any residents or neighbours do have any concerns please get in touch with the school and let us know.

“We are planning to implement a 10pm cut-off in terms of use of the lights and the development would also allow the community to use the facilities in the evenings so hopefully the work will bring benefits to everybody.”