New car garage lifts shop gloom

Mike Lockwood
Mike Lockwood
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IT may all seem like doom and gloom out on the high street but at least one business has managed to get up and running successfully in these times of austerity.

Kama Cars, a Thame-based garage for services, repairs and valeting, is enjoying a brighter start to life than might have been expected.

Mike Lockwood, who runs the business with Paul Britnell, said: “We are really happy with how things have gone.

“We thought we would be struggling more than we are and think we are doing quite well considering.”

Mr Lockwood has 15 years of experience in the motor trade as a vehicle technician, while Mr Britnell has previously spent eight years doing vehicle preparation and restoration.

The pair offer a full range of services for any car including all mechanical work and restoration, wash and wax, screen chips and repairing dents.

Mr Lockwood said: “We want every car to come out looking good and every job we do to be top quality.

“We like to spend our time doing things properly.

“We have had brilliant feedback from everyone and the customers seem to have been really happy.”

Kama Cars has been operating on Station Yard since February.

For more information telephone 01844690525 or visit the website