Mum’s anger over dangerous parkers

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PARENTS who park their cars dangerously on the school-run may already be familiar with the woman in this picture.

Bettina Schrøder Martyn is campaigning against motorists who mount the kerb when dropping off their children at schools around jam-packed King Edward Avenue and Turnfurlong in Aylesbury.

She became incensed after a driver nearly hit her two young children on the pavement.

She said: “I have seen people drive 10 or 15 metres on the pavement before they stop.”

Mrs Schrøder Martyn says she confronts drivers who mount the kerb, and has also reported plate numbers to police and school authorities.

“I can get quite angry when it concerns my children,” she said.

“Living here we accept that it’s difficult for people to park but I just don’t accept it when cars come onto the pavement and nearly hit the children – it makes me really scared.”

She said the responses of those she confronts varies, from those who genuinely apologise to someone who ‘put their hands up at me and shook their head’.

Ed Macklin-Day, assistant headteacher at Turnfurlong Junior School, said parking in the area was a ‘major problem’.

“We do advise parents to stay off the grass and off people’s drives,” he added.

“Parents can be a little bit inconsiderate as to where they park – they try to get a good spot.”

He said children are being encouraged to safely walk or bike to school – although cycle lanes are often blocked by the parked cars.

Pupils also regularly accompany police community support officers and advise badly-parked parents.