More jobs if 2014 goals can be met

Philippa Batting
Philippa Batting
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More than 100 new jobs for young people and 500 in total could be created if Buckinghamshire Business First can meet its targets for 2014.

The organisation, which acts as a link between public policy and the business community, is hoping to build on a ‘great’ 2013.

Managing director Philippa Batting, 53, believes more opportunities for the people of Vale can be created by attracting new businesses to Bucks.

She said: “We’re working on investors from outside of the county and some from overseas to encourage them to come to the county.

“The proximity to international airports and links to major motorways are attractive.”

Ms Batting, who lives in Princes Risborough, is proud of the organisation’s growth since its inception in 2011.

She said: “The county has quite a low claimant rate and while we can’t take the credit for that we like to think we have contributed.

“When we started we had about 300 members.

“Now we have nearly 3,700, growing at a rate of between 100 and 200 a month. The aspiration is to get to 6,000 by March 2015 and grow that year on year.”

Ms Batting is looking forward to the challenges of 2014 while continuing to provide expertise for Bucks businesses when they need it.

“It’s about what we can achieve in the collective.

“Businesses can struggle in the singular but when you get an organisation speaking on your behalf to Whitehall, invariably you get results.”