Yerby to stay with the Conservatives despite expulsion

Phil Yerby

Phil Yerby

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A Tory district councillor who was expelled from the council’s group will remain with the national party as an independent Conservative.

Phil Yerby was expelled by Aylesbury Vale District Council Conservatives last month after leaders claimed his rebellious behaviour did not fit in.

At the time the councillor said that he was considering his future, and may quit politics altogether.

But today he revealed that he would stand by his national party, and represent their policies as an independent Conservative.

He said: “I have consistently challenged and may have even upset some more “anachronistic” members but I cannot see this has in any way brought the party into disrepute.

“In fact, I could point to an incredible amount of things I have done to increase the credibility of the party locally.

“Further, I was not given the opportunity to state any case. I was not given any notice of that meeting, although an agenda note appears states “to consider the position of Cllr Yerby within the group”.

“There was no formal notice of motion to expel me.

“There are countless grounds to appeal this decision but I do not wish to escalate a storm in an teacup debate to something that would only be counter productive to the image of the party locally.”

He added: “My local association chairman and agent assured me that the association intends to take no further action and I will have to sit as an independent Conservative, for the foreseeable future.”


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