Woman says she ‘couldn’t stop laughing’ after selfie with David Cameron in town centre

David Cameron takes part in a selfie with shoppers Natalie Reidy and Elizabeth Douglas

David Cameron takes part in a selfie with shoppers Natalie Reidy and Elizabeth Douglas


When Natalie Reidy and her friend popped out for a spot of shopping in Aylesbury at the weekend the last person they expected to have their photo taken with was the Prime Minister.

Natalie, 34, from Watermead, was walking around the town centre with her friend Elizabeth Douglas, 32, also from Watermead on Saturday morning, when the pair spotted Mr Cameron with his youngest daughter, Florence.

Natalie said: “We were walking past H & M and I recognised him straight away opposite River Island.

“I said to Elizabeth ‘that’s the Prime Minister’ and she didn’t believe me at first.

“I said that we must go and talk to him but I wasn’t sure what to say and I didn’t want to ask him anything too political!

“He had just put his daughter on one of those 50p rides and so we went over to speak to him.

“He was all on his own and I couldn’t see any security guards or anything like that.

“All I could think was too ask ‘what are you doing here’ and he said ‘well, love, Chequers is only just up the road’ in a very friendly way.

“I asked if we could have a photo taken with him and he said yes so we had a selfie.

“We thought it was hilarious and because we didn’t know what to say or do next we just ran off.

“We couldn’t stop laughing about it for the next hour, it was such a surreal and funny experience, but he was a very gracious and friendly man.”

It is not the first time that the PM has taken part in selfies in public.

In December last year, he caused controversy after photos emerged of him taking a selfie with US president Barack Obama and Denmark’s prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt during Nelson Mandela’s memorial service.

The image provoked fury around the world with many social media users saying the actions were ‘inappropriate’, although Mr Cameron defended the decision by saying he ‘was only being polite.’

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