UPDATED: Motorbike battery charger causes house fire in Bedgrove

Firefighters assess the damage at the Ingram Avenue home

Firefighters assess the damage at the Ingram Avenue home

Firefighters tackled a ‘ferocious’ blaze which damaged a home in Bedgrove this morning.

The fire in Ingram Avenue, which destroyed the home’s garage area, needed a team of 16 firefighters to bring it under control.

Harriet Bartley, who was walking her dog past the fire at around 8.40 this morning, said: “It looked like the fire had taken hold in the garage.

“Because of the heavy fog you couldn’t really see and there was thick smoke - but the flames were about ten feet high!

“It was ferocious, it really was.”

The man who lives at the house said he received a call at work to tell him his home was on fire.

He is still making a list of what was in the garage but a heap of charred items outside the property include two push bikes, a fridge-freezer and a lawn mower.

The man said he has had the motorbike since 2004 and the charger, which optimises the battery power when parked in the garage, for seven years.

Firefighters confirmed to him that the cause of the fire was an electrical fault with the charger.

Speaking shortly after the fire was put out, watch manager Lloyd Davis said: “Nobody was in the house at the time.

“The garage is 60% damaged by fire and the rest due to smoke.

“It was quite a large fire but the crews worked hard and the response was good.

“We’re in the latter stages of securing the house and will carry out a risk assessment shortly.”




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