UPDATED: County Hall protestor says she has ‘more stunts planned’

Graffiti on the steps of County Hall (pic by Alan Taberer)

Graffiti on the steps of County Hall (pic by Alan Taberer)

Graffiti drawn on the steps of County Hall in Aylesbury by a woman protesting about social services is the first in a series of stunts she has planned, she told The Bucks Herald.

The woman, who will not give her name, has been staying at the top of the steps for more than a month.

Council staff turning up for work on Tuesday morning were surprised to see words protesting about what she claims is corruption in the social care system drawn in chalk on the edges of the steps.

However, the words were washed off in double-quick time as a wedding was due to be held later that morning.

Speaking this morning (Thursday) the protestor said: “Some people haven’t understood why I’m here so I thought I would make it a bit clearer for everyone.

“I drew the graffiti overnight, the whole thing took me about four hours. I was spotted by a couple of police officers, but they didn’t mind what I was doing.”

She added that had she known a wedding was due to take place she would not have drawn the graffiti when she did.

She said: “I was under the impression most weddings were at the weekend, had I known there was a ceremony on Tuesday I would have waited as I wouldn’t want to ruin those events.

“I will stay here as long as it takes for me to get my point across, and I am planning some more stunts to make people aware of just why I’m here.”

Speaking on Wednesday a Buckinghamshire County Council spokesman said: “We respect people’s lawful right to protest on issues they are concerned about.

“However, things escalated overnight, particularly with the extensive graffiti that defaced the front steps of County Hall.

“We took the decision to remove this graffiti immediately, as there was a register office wedding ceremony taking place. We are talking to the protestor and the police to work out a way forward.”




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