Frasier superfan with tattoo of Kelsey Grammer on her arm is star struck as she meets idol

Frasier super fan Amy Fleming, right, with her idol Kelsey Grammer

Frasier super fan Amy Fleming, right, with her idol Kelsey Grammer

A Frasier super fan with a tattoo of Kelsey Grammer on her arm was bowled over when she got to meet her idol on the set of his latest film.

Amy Fleming, 27, had the US star’s face tattooed on her arm 18 months ago, so she was shocked when she got the call to say Grammer was keen to meet her and see it for himself.

Amy’s pal Dale Evans, who works for a company that puts up marquees, was working on the set of Breaking The Bank – where Grammer is playing the lead role of Charles Bunbury – when he told the production team how crazy Amy was about the star.

To his surprise, they said they would arrange for her to meet him face to face. The actor first found TV fame in 80s sitcom Cheers as Dr Frasier Crane, and went on to star in one of the most successful spin off shows ever – Frasier.

Amy, who lives in Temple Square, Aylesbury and runs confectionary shop Sweet Surrender in Thame, said: “I was only with him for five minutes but it felt like forever. I got a cuddle and a kiss, but I found it so hard to speak. It was so amazing. Even though I’ve got the photos, it still doesn’t seem real.”

The actor was so impressed with the tattoo that he signed his autograph just below it, prompting Amy to go and get the moniker permanently inked as people have been confused by her body art before.

She said: “Some people have asked me why I have a tattoo of Bill Clinton on my arm. When I told Kelsey, he roared with laughter. Now no-one will get it wrong again!”

Amy has said her sweet shop customers were left in awe of her story. She said: “One lady comes in and she’s got a Jack Russell called Moose, which is the real name of Eddie, the dog in the show. She was very impressed that I knew that.”

Amy first fell in love with Frasier watching it on the Paramount Comedy channel, and invested in a multi-regional DVD player so she could play US discs without waiting for them to come out in the UK.

She said: “I just love the programme, and every time I watch an episode there’s something new that makes me laugh.”




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